NYS Concealed Carry Firearm Safety Training

The next class is Saturday June 8th starting at 8:00 AM and Sunday June 9th starting at 8:00 AM. Please arrive 15 minutes early on Saturday to get your paperwork in order.

The Troy Pistol League’s (TPL) certified pistol instructors, in partnership with private professional instructors, are administering the New York State Concealed Carry Firearm Safety Training pursuant to Penal Law Section 400.00(19). Concealed carry firearm safety training includes 16 hours of in-person classroom instruction covering the following topics;

  • General firearm safety; firearm and ammunition functions and operations; firearm cleaning and maintenance; safe handling practices; range safety rules; holster considerations.
  • Firearm storage requirements and transportation best practices.
  • Pistol license recertification requirement.
  • Situational awareness of surroundings including firearm display and concealment.
  • Conflict de-escalation tactics that include verbal and non-verbal strategies.
  • Adverse effects of alcohol and drug use relating to firearm safety.
  • Best practices when encountering law enforcement concerning how to disclose your conceal carry status and producing a valid pistol license; obeying officers’ commands; and producing personal identification.
  • The statutorily defined places and restrictions on firearm carry and possession.
  • The circumstances in which deadly force may be considered justified and when there is the duty to retreat pursuant to Penal Law Article 35.
  • Suicide prevention resources.
  • Basic principles of pistol marksmanship.

Following completion of the 16 hour classroom instruction you must take a written test on the material covered in the course. You must achieve a score of 80% on the test.

Concealed carry training also must include two hours of live-fire training on the following topics for which you will be evaluated: range safety; safe drawing, target acquisition and re-holstering; dry firing; safe loading and unloading of pistols; verifying safe and empty firearm conditions; safely firing the firearm.

Following live-fire training, each student must successfully complete an assessment of their ability to perform a firearm condition check and demonstrate that the firearm is in a safe and empty condition; safely draw an unloaded firearm, acquire a target, and re-holster; load a firearm with 5 cartridges and come to a ready position as required by the range officer; on command, fire the five cartridges hitting the target 4 out of 5 shots; perform a firearm check to verify the firearm is empty and in a safe condition.



The cost for the 16 hour classroom course and 2 hour firing range training and assessment is $400.

This fee includes the following:

  • All instruction materials
  • Use of provided pistols
  • Ammunition
  • Targets
  • Dinner & Lunch are provided as well as Coffee, bottled water and soda
  • Certificate of course completion.

If you cannot make your scheduled class you will be registered for the subsequent class of your choosing. Payment for this course must be made online at time of registration.

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