General Rules

  1. Sign-In Policy. Members are required to sign in on the log sheet (above light switches) in club room. Should there be a guest, it is also required that the member include the guest’s name on sign in sheet. A two dollar fee will be placed in the locked box under the “sign in” sheet for each member and guest. *Signing in and fee paying is not required during scheduled league activities.
  2. Guest Policy. Members are allowed to bring an Occasional Guest. If the guest is to use a firearm the guest must also possess a valid New York State Pistol License. The member is responsible for the conduct of their guest and must insure that the guest observe all club rules. A member bringing a guest to TPL MUST complete a waiver for the guest which the guest MUST sign. This is not an option.
  3. Guns and Ammunition. The following guns and calibers are allowed:
    A. Rifles – Any .22 cal rim fire rifle. NO other calibers are allowed!
    B. Any .22 cal rim fire pistol.
    C. Any Center fire pistol while using target velocity lead bullet ammunition.
    D. +P and +P+ ammo is not allowed on the range.
    E.  Jacketed ammunition is not allowed on the range.
    F.  Firing. All live firing must be done from the shooting line! No firing forward of the benches is allowed!
  4. Noise on Range. No unnecessary talking or noise when shooters are firing record scores.
  5. Smoking. No smoking is allowed on the range or clubroom.
  6. Prohibited. No Fast Draw or Combat type shooting.
  7. Range Hours. Live firing on the range is prohibited between the hours of 10:00 pm – 8:00 am