Mission Statement

The primary purpose of the Troy Pistol League is to promote safe pistol handling and improve marksmanship skills that are largely accomplished by the following club activities:

  • Pre-License Safety Course (Not required by State or County)
  • New York State Concealed Carry Firearm Safety Training Course
  • .22 caliber “Bullseye” League (Tuesday evening – September to April)
  • C.F. “Bullseye” League (Tuesday evening – September to April)

The Troy Pistol League fields a .22 caliber team in the Adirondack League which is a traveling team (Monday evenings December to April) that competes against other teams in the area. NRA sponsored “900” Sectional which is held on Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday on the scheduled weekend.

Troy Pistol League members with a wide variety of experience and skill levels are ready willing and able to assist new members with their questions and help them develop their shooting skills.