Rensselaer County
Post-License Pistol Safety
Evaluation Course

Thank you for choosing the Troy Pistol league (TPL) for the Advanced Pistol Safety Evaluation
Course. This course is intended only for current Rensselaer County pistol license holders. Successful
completion of the course is a required step in the application process for an unrestricted pistol license.

The fee for the evaluation course is $50 payable by cash, or check or money order payable to the Troy
Pistol League and sent to Steve Kraynak, TPL Treasurer, 1120 7th Avenue, Watervliet NY 12189. Full
payment of the course fee is required prior to the date of the course. Course registrants failing to
submit full payment prior to the course will not be allowed to participate in the course.

The evaluation course will be administered at the TPL facility located at 38 Grace Court in Troy. Grace
Court is located near 101st Street off 7th Avenue. The course begins at 6PM on the date indicated, and is
approximately 3 hours in duration. Participants should arrive no later than 5:45PM.


    *Your pistol license and one copy of the front and back of your license.
    *A picture ID such as a drivers license or equivalent form of certified ID.
    *A completed Rensselaer County Post License Firearm Safety Evaluation Application found on
    the Rensselaer County Clerk website, and a copy of Penal Law Article 35.
    *Your unloaded pistol, registered to you, contained in a range box or range bag and two
    unloaded magazines for use with semi-automatic pistols.
    *50 cartridges of lead, target grade ammunition in the original box.+P or +P+ or magnum
    ammunition is not acceptable. Synthetically jacketed ammunition is acceptable..
    *Eye and ear protection.

Please contact Bill Sillery at 518-935-3257, if you have any questions.

Again, thank you for choosing the Troy Pistol League

Next Course –The date of the next course will be announced as soon as we receive 8 people registering.  Class data will be on a Thursday evening.  If you wish to attend please register and we will keep you updated on the number of registrants.

If you wish to attend a class please indicate your interest in “Your Message Box”  on the registration form.

***Prior To Attending The Rensselaer County Post License Pistol Safety Evaluation Course, it is REQUIRED That You Print, Read, Complete and Bring With You All Documents In The Following LINK.  This includes the 3 forms and the New York State Penal Law Part I Title C Article 35.

Registration Form

Please COMPLETE, REVIEW and SUBMIT the form below. If you have any questions, please include them in the message section, as well. You will receive an automatic email response with instructions for the Course. If you fail to receive an auto response and/or reply to your question(s) within 48 hours, please first review your SPAM folder, then call Bill Sillery at the number above.